Monday, November 16, 2009

Week Two is Complete!

So, I finished week two and I am down TWO more pounds. I also keep track of inches that I am losing. I always find this to be just as motivational as the scale for me. In two weeks, I have lost over 6 inches. I'm definitely starting to notice a difference in how my clothes feel.

Last week was a little tougher, as I found myself wanting to cheat a little bit. However, I am really focusing on keeping this as a health transformation, and not a diet. I am eating more vegetables, making healthier choices, and moving much more! I will post more details about some of the approaches I am taking later this week.

Again, thank you for all of those supporting me. I am up to $14/pound, which is excellent! I still have room for sponsors, so feel free to fill out the form or just contact me directly with your pledge.

The more weight I lose, the more hungry children are fed! I love that!

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