Thursday, November 5, 2009

Feeling better

It always amazes me how quickly your body reacts to changes you are making. Simply eating healthier food and moving more can make a big difference. I have more energy, I feel better, and I am proud of myself for making better choices. And it's only the completion of Day 3. I am still looking for 7 more people to sponsor me (I know several of you are planning to, so you can either fill out the form or email me directly). I am excited about being able to lose weight and help others in need at the same time.

On a completely different note, my six year old, Jonah, has reached a milestone. He lost both of his front teeth tonight! It is always so cute (and somewhat weird) to see them like that. He is very excited about the tooth fairy coming tonight! I'm off to bed as well. Have a good night!

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