Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Review of The Coming Revolution by Dr. Richard Lee

This book is different than most books I read. It looks at our history as an indicator of the future. Its emphasis is on how social and religious elements ignited the First American Revolution and how our generation may also be seeking new freedoms. It reminds us that revolutions have been created by the ordinary men and women in this country.

I have to admit that I was tentative to choose this book as part of the BoozSneeze program. History was not a subject I was very interested in when I was younger, and I have started to want to learn more about it. I thought this would be a good book and was interested in the author's perspective of how our history can help impact change.

I had an incredibly difficult time staying focused with this book. Part of it is due to the nature of the material (history), but part of it was due to the extremely Conservative, right-wing leanings. I consider myself an independent and don't believe that there is one party that really works well. I also don't believe that we as Christians are as clear cut in our beliefs and values as this book tended to lean towards. I felt the "if you don't think like me, then you are not a Christian" view multiple times which turned me off.

While there were many valid points, I would not recommend this book.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leaving a Legacy

"Because the people who are crazy enough
 to think they can change the world,
 are the ones who do."
 Steve Jobs

Tonight we learned that Steve Jobs passed away. I'll admit it. I'm not an Apple freak. I have many friends who are. I do have multiple Apple products and I really like them, but I am not one who has to have the newest Apple product the minute it comes out.  However, you can't deny the amazing impact that Steve had on technology and how we have access to things we never knew we needed. He was truly a visionary and an amazing creator. His ideas and innovations changed our world.

Reflecting on all of the news coverage, and stopping to realize how he has truly impacted all of us, even if we have competitors' products, is pretty amazing.

He was a dreamer.

He was a leader.

He created things that there was no immediate need for, and somehow created a need for them.

He was able to push forward when people told him his ideas would never work.

He wanted to change the world. And he did.

I can't help but wonder how many people told him he would never invent the things he dreamed about. That he would never be able to make things better. That it just couldn't be done. I'm sure there were many. But he didn't listen. He believed in his dreams. He knew that they were wrong.

How many of us have dreams of making the world a better place?

How many of us want to make a difference?

How many of us are actually taking steps to make it happen?

Or are we letting the craziness of life get in our way?

Are we listening to the many critics who say our dreams can never happen because they are too afraid to believe in their own dream?

Are we listening to the own voices in our head that tell us we can't?

The truth is that we can always take one step forward. We CAN make an impact. We can start in our family. Then our neighborhood, and our workplace, and our community. And on and on and on.

Don't stop pressing toward your dream. Take that next step. Don't let life pass you by. Do it today. Because none of us know if we will see tomorrow. And if we're crazy enough to believe it, we can change the world.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I expect so much

I expect a lot of people. I've always known that about myself.  However, I'm learning that the people I am usually the hardest on, and expect the most out of, are the ones closest to me. Particularly my husband.

~ I want him to be like me

~ I want him to parent like I do

~ I want him to think like I do

~ I want him to do all the things that I do as a Mom, willingly, without having to be asked

~ I want him to know what I am thinking without me saying it

~ I want him to be on the same spiritual journey

~ I want him to want the same things that I want

And then I realize how crazy that is.

* He brings a perspective that I don't have

* He has different ideas than I do

* The boys don't need another Mom - they need a Dad

* He can fix anything - I can fix almost nothing!

* He has his own needs

* Everyone's spiritual journey is unique

* He needs to be supported

* He needs to be respected

* He needs a wife to love him unconditionally

So for today, I am painfully admitting my broken ideas and expectations of my husband. And, I'm choosing to work to be a better wife. A better supporter. A better partner.

Because regardless of how much work it takes to keep a marriage strong in the messiness of raising two young boys, it is worth it. It always has been.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

The Grace of God
by Andy Stanley

You've heard about grace.

You've received grace.

But what does it really mean to live with grace?

In his book, The Grace of God, Andy Stanley walks us through scripture in a unique and very applicable way. He uses stories from both the Old and New Testaments to show us example after example of grace. He has a wonderful way of sharing these stories in a new light that make them completely relevant to modern day circumstances.

Over and over again, Andy gives examples of people in the bible who did not deserve grace, but they received it. That is true for all of us. None of us deserve grace. But, we thirst for it. After life has left us with unfulfilled desires and dreams, we often face an unquenchable thirst. "God's response to the thirsty soul is grace." I loved that! What a great image for us to visualize.

This book is a great reminder that grace is meant to be shared. God calls us to extend his grace. "When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing. But when correctly applied, it seems to solve just about everything."

I would highly recommend this book.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am grateful......

For so many things......

Like these two beautiful boys.......

Brothers who love and fight and have fun...........
 And are learning how to be themselves........

I am so blessed......
With an awesome husband.....
An amazing family......
New and life long friends.....
A beautiful church community.....
And so many others who have touched my life in some way.....

Thank you just doesn't seem enough sometimes.....

But did you take the time to tell someone today?
We often let life pass us by without telling them.....

So today........
Stop and take a moment......
And tell someone how much they mean to you.....
And that you are grateful for them......

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I am not.....

I am not creative.

I am not an artist.

I am not an idea person.

I am not a dreamer.

These are all things I have said in the past. Many, many times. And I am now starting to wonder when that crucial time was when I decided I WASN'T these things, instead of trying to explore and develop them.

The last few years have been so interesting for me, because I have developed this community around me who no longer allows me to say those things. They no longer allow me to say that I am fine exactly where I am. They continually push me to stretch myself, and to not be satisfied with just existing. And I am so thankful for it.

A big part of this definitely has to do with the changes in my faith, and how I am now viewing myself as God sees me, rather than how I see myself, or how the world sees me. And I am searching for ways to make an impact. That makes an incredible difference in my attitude, overall outlook, and decisions. But, I have also really been thinking and praying and trying to figure out what some of my lost passions are. It has been an eye opening, yet extremely frustrating experience.

How could I say I'm not creative? I played the piano (and flute and tenor sax), sang, and created beautiful music, even if it was not my own. I brought the notes on the page to life. I wrote poems, and short stories. I loved to write letters and notes. I loved to scrapbook, and take photos and capture unique images.

While I am not someone who continually thinks up the most unique ideas, I do have opinions and good ideas to bring to individuals, and teams and organizations. I have experience in many different unique roles and circumstances, and I have my own ideas that work pretty well. How could I continually deny that and say I'm not an idea person?

Why did I stop dreaming? Where are those hidden dreams that I must have had when I was younger? What happened to them? I know they were there once. Why did I push them so far deep inside? Will they ever see the light of day again? Are there new ones to explore?

I had one childhood dream that I do remember vividly. I wanted to be a funeral director. I know. Crazy, right? I think the interest started with my Grandfather's funeral in the late '70s. I had never seen someone in a casket before. I was young, and curious. I specifically remember reaching up for his hand, and wanting to touch him and give him a kiss one last time. I wasn't afraid. I knew where he was. He was with Jesus, and I was happy for him. But, my Aunt slapped my hand away, as I was reaching up for him. "We don't do that!! It's not proper."  I was crushed. I just wanted one more moment with him, and I wanted to know if his hand felt the same.

I also think that I instinctively knew from an early age that I can often be a source of comort to people. What an amazing experience it would be to be a source of calm and comfort to families facing difficult times with death. Of course, I didn't fully comprehend all of this then, but I do think that I thought I could be helpful to people in very sad times. Unfortunately, experiencing death firsthand when my father passed away, completely scratched this dream. I was fourteen years old, and the thought of having to be around families who were hurting in a way that I now understood, was something I didn't think I could bear.

I look back on that now and wonder, "Did I really want to be a funeral director?", "Is that a dream I should pursue?" I can honestly say that it isn't. But what is interesting is the perspective I've realized around it. The part about being comforting to others. And helping others. And making a difference. That is what I'd dreamed of for a very long time.

At some time, however, the dream got pushed to the bottom. And reality and responsibility and expectations for who I should become piled on top of it. And I started to believe the lie that says you can't follow your dream. You have to be responsible, and take care of yourself and your family. Nobody is always going to be there for you, except for you. And dreams don't come true, so why waste time chasing them? Why did I not realize there were other things I could do to evoke the same feelings?

I no longer believe those lies. I am continually being challenged to take another step of faith in many areas of my life. One of the things that I am working hard on is discovering my true purpose, and how God wants to use me in a unique way. I feel that something is changing, but I don't quite know what it is yet. I am taking one step at a time, and enjoying this very interesting time in my life.

I am asking questions. Lots of questions. To people I know, and people I am just getting to know. I am reading many different books on leadership and dreams and amazing memoirs. I attended The Quitter Conference, and Story, both of which impacted me in very unique ways. Both Jon Acuff and Ben Arment spoke about your own unique story, and how nobody can tell it. This really hit me. Yes, they may have done something similar to what you are dreaming. But, they are not you. Your perspective is different. Your story matters! The world needs to hear it. 

So what else am I doing?

I am allowing people to speak truth into my life. Sometimes truth that I don't want to hear

I am allowing people to start demystifying the entire dreaming process for me

I am searching for the unique in the every day stories

I am taking the time to truly listen to people

I am enjoying the small moments in life

I am looking forward to where this journey is taking me.

What about you? What things are you working to change in your life? What is your dream?