Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Review of The Coming Revolution by Dr. Richard Lee

This book is different than most books I read. It looks at our history as an indicator of the future. Its emphasis is on how social and religious elements ignited the First American Revolution and how our generation may also be seeking new freedoms. It reminds us that revolutions have been created by the ordinary men and women in this country.

I have to admit that I was tentative to choose this book as part of the BoozSneeze program. History was not a subject I was very interested in when I was younger, and I have started to want to learn more about it. I thought this would be a good book and was interested in the author's perspective of how our history can help impact change.

I had an incredibly difficult time staying focused with this book. Part of it is due to the nature of the material (history), but part of it was due to the extremely Conservative, right-wing leanings. I consider myself an independent and don't believe that there is one party that really works well. I also don't believe that we as Christians are as clear cut in our beliefs and values as this book tended to lean towards. I felt the "if you don't think like me, then you are not a Christian" view multiple times which turned me off.

While there were many valid points, I would not recommend this book.

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