Monday, June 20, 2011

Five Simple Steps

I'm two weeks into my health living transformation, and I feel great! Here are five simple things I am doing that are having an impact.

1. Letting myself feel hungry
Instead of eating just because it's the time to eat, I'm actually allowing myself to feel hunger and then eat at that time. It requires having healthy snacks available for when that time hits.

2. Get moving!
In addition to exercising regularly (I have walked 3-5 times per week), I am also seizing any opportunity to move. That means riding bikes with the kids, as well as walking around the park while the kids are playing, instead of just sitting on a bench checking Facebook or Twitter on my phone!

3. Water, water, water
I always drink water, but sometimes I need a little flavor. I used to reach for a Diet Coke at that time, but now I grab another glass of water and put a shot of MiO Liquid water enhancer in it. It has a little flavor that breaks up the water routine!

4. Stop beating yourself up
Even if I slip up and eat something not so healthy, I no longer beat myself up. I quickly re-correct and start again with a healthier choice at my next opportunity. We are always so much harder on ourselves than others. Why is that?

5. Cardio Burner app
This is my new favorite app. It tracks your workout and lets you listen to your music at the same time. I had used RunKeeper before and tried to play Pandora at the same time. It never seemed to work right. Cardio Burner has reminders for upcoming workouts and will track how many calories you are burning. It's a great motivator!

What simple steps are you taking to get healthier? I'd love to hear from you!

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